Fun Things to Do in San Diego
San Diego is an exciting city and whether visiting or living in San Diego, you can be sure to find a multitude of free or cheap things to in San Diego. Below is a list of a few of the fun things to do in San Diego in any day or weekend.

You can visit any of the many beaches in San Diego and swim, read a book, build sand castles or sunbathe. The beaches in San Diego are free for the public and you will absolutely love the experience.

Visiting various farmers markets on any day to get entertainment for free and of course free samples is another fun thing to in San Diego. Check out these fun things to do in san diego .

Do you love sightseeing or hiking?  Well, Sand Diego got you covered. You can have fun by driving to Mt. Laguna and enjoy the view and when you get to the mountain, take a hike. You will love the fresh air of the mountain.

At the coast, you will be privileged to watch the awesome annual migration of whales! This is a breathtaking experience. In case you aren't lucky to catch the view offshore, you can always find tours the help you get a closer look. Plus, while watching the whales migrate, you can watch a perfect sunset. This will leave you very relaxed. 

Nature has a way of healing and refreshing the soul. And, you can tap onto nature's beauty in San Diego by taking nature walks, visiting historical sites among other activities at Balboa Park.

Try surfing! It is one of the most popular fun things to do at ant of the beaches in San Diego. You will not be charged to surf at the beaches since it is free to the public.

Another way to keep yourself entertained in San Diego is to go for a birdwatching. There are over five hundred bird species in San Diego and some of them are just migrating across the country during fall and spring.  San Diego is the best placed city in the whole of USA for watching a variety of birds.

Why not have a bonfire at the bay? You can bet that you will have a wonderful night bonfire during summer at the coast and live to love it. Many people do it and never get disappointed with the results.

There are countless fun things to do in San Diego and the above are just a fraction. You can never get bored in this city. Here’s what to do in san diego today .